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Wondering who all the characters in Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy: The Security Breach is filled with characters that are both familiar and unfamiliar to the series. Not all of the characters that appear retain their previous goals in Security Breach, but they leave an indelible mark.

Below is an alphabetical list of all characters in the security breach. A brief explanation follows, including if and how to defeat the character. Certain characters will also have an upgrade to Freddy Fazbear, which will also be noticed.

The list starts with DJ Music Man.

DJ Music Man (animatronic; enemy)

As the name suggests, DJ Music Man is the DJ at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex. He only showed up briefly, but made a big impression – look at that face! DJ Music Man is the biggest animatronic you will ever encounter in the game. He is also the only one with multiple legs, resembling a spider.

You’ll meet DJs in Fazcade and first fall asleep. You will need to go here as part of completing Roxy Raceway. The musician will let you know of his presence after you’ve been tasked with pressing the switch to restart the power. He will try to trap you in the first switch position in the bathroom. He will then be seen climbing up the wall and using his arachnoid to enter the huge tunnel. His humanoid face is creepy.

After hitting the last switch, you’ll have to run away from him by sprinting down the long hallway, though he’ll throw old arcade games at you to get in your way. There should be enough space and time for you to escape to a nearby safe room.

Endoskeleton (animatronics; enemies)

Due to its unique nature, the animatronics, the internal structure of the endoskeleton can ruin your day.

When you’re not facing them, they’ll follow you, aiming your flashlight at the corpse. Your first encounter with them is a bit confusing as you end up having to dodge swarms of them in tight spaces, and it gets worse with the number of turns and doors that need to be opened.

They appear at other points in the game, usually suddenly after completing part of the mission. For example, after getting the key item to defeat the boss from the Bonnie Bowl, the endoskeleton will litter the bowling alley and chase you until you quit – that is, if you should quit.

Freddy Fazbear (animatronics; partner)

As the series’ titular character and the setting for the security hole, Freddy Fazbear actually helps you get through the night, rather than trying to kill you. While he admits that he cannot explain why he is helping you, his help is valuable and critical.

Fazbear has the ability to hide Gregory inside him (press Square in front of Fazbear). You can use L1 to call Fazbear to your location. Since Fazbear is not the enemy of robots and animatronics, he can move freely without fear of being caught. However, his recharge time is very short, and if the battery reaches zero while you’re inside, he’ll kill you (resulting in a game over). Find a top-up station in Pizza Plex and exit Fazbear early to avoid this.

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You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade your Fazbear with various parts that will help you through the night of misery (more on that below). In most cases, Fazbear will also communicate with you at key points throughout the game to inform you of the next steps. Note that you cannot interact with any objects in Fazbear; only Gregory can interact with items such as gift boxes and buttons.

Glamrock Chica (animatronic; enemy)

As a member of Pizza Plex’s Fazbear band, Glamrock Chica is as eager to find you as she is for pizza! Of the three animatronic villains, she tends to appear more frequently in tighter areas. Her signature is “Gregory!” The call will send you chills.

There is a way to defeat Chica (briefly) and get Fazbear’s upgrade. You don’t really have to do anything to defeat her other than watching cutscenes; everything that leads to this is painful. Chica’s insatiable appetite – again, how do animatronics eat real food? – leading to her literal downfall.

You can collect her voice box and upgrade the Fazbear at Parts and Service. Installing the upgrade allows Fazbear to stun bots. This is useful in tense situations where you need to find space to free Gregory.

Gregory (human; protagonist)

The protagonist you can only see on camera in the ending scene or via Faz-Watch, Gregory is a kid who finds himself trapped in Pizza Plex. As an orphan, Gregory would likely sneak into Pizza Plex to escape the outdoors. It is here, however, that he learns the dark secret of the mall – the disappearance of children.

It was revealed that Gregory had no record of entering the Pisa area, leading to the belief that he had infiltrated the place. You don’t get any other information unless he needs to arrive when the door opens in the morning.

As Gregory, in addition to the ability to hide in Fazbear above, you can hide in multiple locations throughout the game. He can sprint (the blue bar at the bottom shows how long) and sneak, the latter makes him quieter but moves slower. Several items can be unlocked to help Gregory through his night, including a flashlight and a hoodie.

Gregory is also one of two fully modeled humans in Five Nights, both appearing in a security breach.

Map Bot (animatronic; neutral)

In short, Map Bot gives you a map of the area. They startle you and make you think the security will sound the alarm and just pull out a map for you to collect. This will happen multiple times throughout the game. While the maps are pretty basic, they at least indicate where the charging stations and stairs are.

A related neutral bot is the visiting bot in front of Fazer Blast and Mazercise. They won’t let you through without a party pass. However, showing them a party pass at one of the locations (you’ll only get one party pass) will cause the bot to do a short dance before letting you continue.

Montgomery Crocodile (animatronic; enemy)

Fazbear’s other sidekick, the Montgomery Crocodile, is the most aggressive of the three main antagonistic animatronics. He brings rock star personality to the lip.

The crocodile is also the only real enemy you have to “beat” in a more aggressive way. Unlike the other two, you have to avoid him while also completing another mission before the cutscene takes place, causing him to be scrapped. Crucially, he can jump to different areas of the field, sometimes right in front of you!

Crocodile drops and upgrades Monty’s Claw. With these claws, Fuzz Bear can break through the locked gate surrounded by yellow chains. This will open up several new areas for Gregory and Fazbear to explore, and importantly requires a visit to Roxy Raceway (more on that below).

Moonydrop (animatronic; enemy)

Moonydrop is Jekyll’s Hyde of Sunnydrop. When the lights go out, Moonydrop appears and chases you outside the kids zone.

You’ll know Moonydrop is close behind, because at certain points in the game — including the end — not only do the lights go out, but a blue haze with stars appears on the screen. In addition to the ending, you can escape Moonydrop by entering the nearest charging station. The first time you do this, you’ll actually see Moonydrop drag and kidnap Fazbear; how powerful is that little animation?

For some reason, entering a charging station immediately ends the Moonydrop search. The lights will return to normal when you leave the station. At the end of the game, however, the charging station and save station don’t work, so you’ll have to get in and out of Fazbear quickly to avoid Moonydrop.

Roxanne Wolf (animatronic; enemy)

As the Fazbear band’s last mate, Roxanne Wolf is an inescapable foe. Somehow, this animatronic has a keen sense of smell and may sniff out your hiding place, leading to game over. You can actually see her sniffing around on camera and hear her sniffing from your location.

Wolfe is another place about the process that led to her “fight.” It’s a long backtrack through Roxy Raceway and Fazcade. Once you’re in the cut scene, there’s a humorous scene where you can finally retrieve another upgrade from Fazbear – Roxy’s Eyes. These will allow Fazbear to see the collectibles through the walls, generally, outlined in fuchsia.

She will still attack you underground with her sense of smell and hearing in a blinded state. Take advantage of this to finally escape and deal with Wolf.

security robot (robot; enemy)

As Gregory’s most common scourge, these robots patrol the entire Pizza Plex—even in the kitchen and storage areas. While they can’t cause the game to end, they will sound an alarm and, if they get close, attract one or more of the three main animatronic enemies.

Their route is fairly clear, but if they find you, the time may be disrupted. In larger areas, they tend to overlap paths, so you have to find the right timing or a different route. You can even run right past them, but if their flashlight takes another look at you, they’ll startle you and set off the alarm. If you go into the sewers, you’ll also come across a variant, but they look like crazy versions of the Driver Assist robots from Roxy Raceway.

Some regions won’t have a Chica, Gator, or Wolf answering the bot’s call, but it’s rare. Still, avoid them whenever possible, and make yourself harder to spot by grabbing the hoodie while you’re using it.

Sunnydrop (animatronic; neutral)

When you arrive at the children’s play area, you first encounter Sunnydrop. Head down the slide into the ball pit for a brief scene where Sunnydrop jumps into the ball pit from an elevated spire. He looks happy and tells you the only thing you shouldn’t do is turn off the lights.

Like DJ Music Man, Sunnydrop has a bit of a role in the game, as his villainous character Moonydrop has a bigger role. On the plus side, at least Sunnydrop isn’t trying to kill you!

Vanessa (human; enemy)

Vanessa is looking for Gregory!

Another fully modeled human in the game, Vanessa is the overnight security guard you have to duck from early in the game. She does eventually catch you in the story (pictured), but after she refuses to fix Fazbear, she’s rarely seen for the rest of the game… or is it?

Vanessa mentions the lack of records about Gregory to Fazbear, but she knows his name because she keeps hearing Fazbear’s voice calling his name from the Faz-Watch, which Fazbear tries to explain. Eventually, she leaves, allowing you to fix Fazbear.

The encounter with Vanessa seems to be more than that, and you may learn more about her based on the ending…

Fanny (???; enemy)

The hazy screen means that the evil Rabbit Vanni is nearby!

The main bad guy in the security breach, Vanny is…something creepy. You’ll know she’s around when the screen starts to blur and glitch, which means you need to sprint fast!

There are multiple endings…


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