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Introduction to Symbiosis

Symbiosis is an RPG Maker-based psychological adventure horror game that depicts the narrative of a lady who lives in a jungle where people frequently go missing.

In Symbiosis, you’ll follow Magnolia’s experiences, who is thought to be a witch and is blamed by many for the mysterious deaths in the neighborhood. You’ll find out if this is true or not shortly, but you’ll also need to deal with a bunch of inquisitive burglars who are coming into your home seeking for proof. At the same time, you must look after your kid Mint and ensure that he is not affected by what is going on.


Symbiosis is a fantastic piece of game design that allows players to explain its story and novel gamification elements without using a single line of text or saying a single phrase. You will take on the role of a human-plant hybrid who awakens in a long-abandoned laboratory in the Symbiosis game. As you traverse your way around the scary abandoned complex, you discover more about who you are and where you are by reading wall signs and other visual clues.

How to play

The storeroom is located behind the stairs, behind a door. One of the shelves has the key.

To obtain ending A, you must remind Mint not to trust aliens. This will affect his faith in the ultimate invader and the amount of trust he has given her, influencing Magnolia’s opinion of her.

Avoid them all if you want the B ending.

You can also conceal the corpse under Magnolia’s bed or on the balcony in containers.

Ending B is the longest of the two, yet neither is a “real ending.”

Magnolia and Mint use their birth dates as credentials in Symbiosis online.


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