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Slendytubbies is a horror game that was created by fusing the popular horror game with the Teletubbies cartoon.

Introduction to Slendytubbies

Slendytubbies are designed to have two separate modes for many different subjects, which are single play mode or suitable mode for many players. This is a great suggestion for enthusiasts of horror game with horror content but want a space that many friends can participate in.

Briefly speaking about the plot as well as the way you can fight this game, the goal of the game is to collect ten Tubby Custom bowls while avoiding Tinky Winky, who is the threat of the map. In this version of the Slendytubbies game, they provide players with many different maps, so the customization of the game is relatively high. You can choose each map to make specific play plans.


Slendytubbies contains a mode that enables multiplayer play for two or more people. The player who finds all 10 custard candies will still be held accountable, and the winner will be the one who completes all of the milestones. There is a Tinky Winky after each player as well. Programs for private networks, such as Hamachi, are required.
Similar regulations are used in the fighting feature, where each player is required to locate ten custard apples. The person tasked with killing the players before they discovered all of the Tubby Customs.

How to Play:

The task in Slendytubbies online will be set from the beginning, the things that players need to complete are the use of navigation buttons on the computer keyboard to control their characters. Add special keys, each key when combined with the basic keys will create effects and techniques for the character. This will also make the process of access to challenges in the Slendytubbies more easy. If you are not used to it at first, after a short time, you will definitely be able to master the operations and control it easily.


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