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Slendytubbies 2

Slendytubbies 2 is smart enough to keep players associated with and not exhaust them. You isn’t in the frightening kind of unpleasantness like various titles of a comparative Horror sort.

Introduciton to Slendytubbies 2

Slendytubbies 2 begins on an astoundingly peaceful brilliant day. The man selling frozen yogurt all of a sudden appeared, he was apparently exorbitantly familiar with the youths around here by the name of Rod. Then, he used a trick to change a full guest into… a frozen treat. Players will see this story beginning to end and a while later travel through the window to begin the mission to safeguard the lamentable client.

Certainly as a result of examining this article, Slendytubbies 2 will essentially immediately tell the adolescents in the house not to recognize frozen yogurt or pastries from untouchables driving flexible vans. Each time the frozen yogurt van sounds, we will feel both engaging yet also disturbing. Etorki Games’ latest game called Slendytubbies 2 will bring a sensation of silliness and fear to players.


Taking everything into account, Slendytubbies 2 game displayed the euphoric person of a frozen yogurt vendor by singing songs about his yearning to catch and butcher youths with proportional bodies. He similarly loves to chat with himself. The world in the game has impressive assortments with specially made plans.

Without a doubt, why jump through the window rather than tossing in the front doorway and flying out like a legend? Slendytubbies 2 online will not at any point know the objectives of the producer, but the issue here is that Rod is uncommonly enthusiastic about hunting round youths to change into popsicles and stuff them into vans. of the individual. While going to the rescue, people will accumulate hints associated with what they need to do as well as sensible weapons.

How To Play Slendytubbies 2

Players will move with the virtual joystick on the left side and contact the drawers on the screen to search for hints or essential mechanical assemblies. To hide away from Rod’s revelation, canine containers and tremendous water lines would be awesome decisions. As a general rule in the horror game will be spent exploring the world around the van and sidestepping Rod’s advantage. Players track down articles and use them by reaching the screen.


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