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Playtime Horror Monster Ground

About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is a hide and seek and horror game, except this round your creature is hunting down everyone who has hid from you. You play as an anime demon who must track down people who are hiding from you and drag them out onto the hunting areas for your own amusement.

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is your personal playground, and your adversaries are striving to avoid you! Combine your own distinctive comic creatures from different divisions to annihilate all of your adversaries! Find and destroy all adversaries in a level, but keep cautious – can you animatronic creature take out the police and rest of the squad tough bosses?


Each level is a gathering spot in which you can crush everything found within the play area. Pass through barriers, collect cash, buy new body parts, and combine them to make fantastic cartoon creatures to slaughter your adversaries. You’ll be thrilled to play because of the eye-catching 3D visuals and engaging soundtrack. A lively and colorful motion film.

How to play

The Playtime Horror Monster Ground game is available for free. You may engage in this game on a computer using your mouse or the directional buttons on your keyboard. You may play this game on your phone or tablet’s touch interface by clicking or dragging. The application should be sized to fit your screen.

If you receive a notification concerning the alignment of your phone or tablet, please rotate it to fix the orientation. If necessary, refresh the page. If you need assistance, please post a remark below the game. You may access more games by selecting suggested, next, or prior games from the list below. In Playtime Horror Monster Ground, you may make genuine terrifying monsters and also have fun!


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