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Horror Returns, in “Four Nights at Freddy’s”

Few horror games really “scare us” on Android devices . Probably because we make so many violent movies that anything that penetrates our smartphone screens hardly holds back. 

The news on TV is also unique in that they sometimes show us something we already think about, but in short, they end up teaching you violence as if nothing happened.

In this Fear and Horror we have a video game enclosure in which we get a little nervous and nervous, not knowing what to expect . It’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, and it comes back to the heavy load with that psychological dread that nothing seems to happen, but the tension builds up over time. Just like in the PC version, the ubiquitous video game has become a cult franchise for mobile devices in a short period of time. For those of you who love horror movies, this is one of the must-have titles that come with another new release.

Horror on smartphone

Five Nights at Freddy 4 is the return of an almost exclusive series on the Play Store and therefore, for this reason, he cannot ignore the content and details of bringing this video game .

In part this might remind us of the Saw movie series, which took us through a truly nightmarish horror moment since the first movie hit theaters a few years ago. It has a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” vibe, a low-budget film that’s bewildering, but it knows how to scare us with the right keys. While others spend millions of euros to achieve the same goal, some films (like Friday the 13th) don’t need that much.

Twelve months have passed since the original Five Nights at Freddy’s released on PC. , followed by the second bet in the series last April and the third in March. The new release, Five Nights at Freddy’s Four, is the first release on Steam for PC and Android at the same time.

You are a security guard lurking in terror

The full series takes us on a nightmarish adventure, where we put ourselves in the shoes of a security guard. His big mission is to take care of a building alone at night. From its photo studio, you can observe every room in the venue in situ. An integral part of the game is the finite amount of energy we need to open and close doors.

We have to pay attention to those cameras, because there’s a loose feeling of Chucky in the room. Of course, he’s looking for us in such a way that the heart-shaped indicator shows the final sequence in which he jumps and assassinates us.

The fourth installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s takes us into an explosive mix . Here we are a kid and there are no cameras or electricity in the room to manage. All you have to do is check the door, bed and other corners of the room with a flashlight, which will lead us to encounter different monsters. These monsters are toys that can move as if they were possessed so everything is fixed, giving us the fear of death.

If we survive, we’ll have finally , some solutions to some of the riddles in this series , but of course there are many more, so not everything will be told.

Un good video game, scared to death So this is very unique. You have a demo version that you can play for two nights and the full version for 3,29 euros


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