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Here’s your guide to unlocking all endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s isn’t just popular for its jump scares: it’s also popular for the variety of endings available in each game. Five Nights at Freddy: The Security Breach follows that tradition and has its own ending.

Each ending is rated from one to three stars. There is one ending that is considered a canon ending, although it’s interesting that it’s not three stars. Endings other than the Bad ending require additional conditions other than leaving Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex.

Keep in mind that once you’re in an endgame sequence, you won’t be able to save, so some endings may be difficult to get. Below, you’ll find each ending in star order, how to unlock them, and the events for each ending.

NOTE: Lots of spoilers are written below, as gameplay and plot points are inevitably exposed when discussing the ending.

1. Bad ending

Why do kids keep disappearing from Pizza Plex?

The Bad Ending is the easiest ending to unlock. Simply exit through the front door During the end sequence – select Exit when prompted. Fazbear tells Gregory that it will never be safe and will never come back, finally saying that he will miss Gregory.

Gregory ran out of the pizzeria with tears in his eyes. This ending shows Gregory sleeping in a cardboard box with newspapers and laying out a blanket in the alley. Ironically, the headline of the newspaper focused on the missing child. From Vanessa saying there is no record of Gregory to the time he slept outside, it appears that Gregory is an orphan.

Vanny’s shadow appeared next to sleeping Gregory. What happens from there is unknown. This is an ending with no epilogue scenes or newspaper headlines . This is a one- star ending .

2. Good ending

The Good Ending requires you to have a Level 7 Safety Badge upgrade . If you read straight through the entire story without venturing into any optional areas, you should have reached Level 6 by the time you install the final Fazbear upgrade to start the endgame. With level 7, then you have to exit via the dock – remember the sign behind the pizza kitchen?

Gregory leaves in a van with Fazbear next to him (how does a kid drive a van by the way?). They hit a map bot and continued until Fazbear’s charge diminished. Gregory uses the jumper cable to charge the Fazbear and they set off together again.

This epilogue scene shows that Pizza Plex has a new star: Mr. Glamrock Hippo (though he’s not named). He is pictured with three other band members (completely restored) as a replacement for Fazbear. This is a two star ending .

3. The undisguised ending

Power in the eyes of Roxanne Wolfe!

This undisguised ending is unlocked by exiting through the prize counter emergency exit . In the ending scene, Fazbear grabs one of his own stuffed animals, squeezes it, and sets the Pizza Plex on fire by igniting the prize plush. Gregory ran to the roof, but he met Ruud.

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Fazbear, who couldn’t see Vanny before, can now see her by installing Wolf’s Eyes. He sacrificed himself by charging to take Vanny off the roof. Gregory watched in tears as Fazbel retired. He exposes Vanny, a blond woman similar to Vanessa.

During this epilogue scene , Vanessa looks down from the roof over what just happened, still wearing her security uniform, which shows that she’s not actually Vanny. Newspaper headlines indicated Pizza Blex was burnt and flammable plush toys recalled. This is a two star ending .

4. Dismantling the ending

Vanny’s hideout is in the Fazer Blast!

The teardown ending first unlocks finding Vanny’s lair (hideout) in Fazer Blast . This requires you to use the Party Pass to enter Fazer Blast. The location is all the way up the stairs, past the fashion show and into a small office.

In the final stage, when you want to exit Pizza Plex, click on the Vanny option . Again, this option is only available when you find her lair. From here, a digital cutscene will play, in which Vanny instructs the safety bot to disassemble the Fazbear in the Fazer Blast.

When you regain control of Gregory, you must go to the lair in total darkness (except for your items). The end scene will then play, and Gregory, in order to save himself, presses the button that Vanny had pressed earlier and instructs the robot to disassemble Vanny. They do it with ferocity and agility, which is a bit morbid considering the previous Unmasked ending showed Vanny being human.

Gregory checks in on Fazbel, who tells Gregory before he dies, “You’re my superstar.” This epilogue scene reveals a headline that says Pizza Plex is shutting down due to health concerns and plans to open next season . It’s also a two- star ending .

5. Canon Ending

This canon ending is probably the hardest ending to unlock. First, you must acquire and install all three animatronics upgrades . These are Monty’s Claws, Chica’s Voice Box, and Roxy’s Eyes.

When you have all three and the endgame begins, head to the old elevator leading to the old pizzeria . There, you will encounter the trap and must defeat him. The ending shows Burntrap trying to escape from the fire, only to be caught by the Blob. This allowed Gregory and Fazbear to escape when the Pizza Plex collapsed.

This epilogue scene simply shows Gregory sitting on top of a hill with a fully functional Fazbear, enjoying the sun. This is the final two star ending .

As a canon ending, it is the only ending where both the ending and the ending are in 3D .

6. The Savior Ending

Another hard-to-unlock ending, the Savior ending is unique in that the conditions for unlocking the ending are completely optional. You must defeat Princess Missions 1 and 2 in the final stage, then Princess Mission 3 .

Princess Mission 1 is located in the Glamrock Beauty Salon , in the storage room. Princess Mission 2 is located in the basement of DJ Music Man on the front. Defeat them, then select the Vanny option when exiting Pizza Plex from the main entrance.

Enter Vanni’s Lair Defeat Princess Mission 3. After defeating the game in the game, the end scene will begin. The game presents an error screen for Gregory. Then he leaves the lair and sees that all the droids are retired and Vanny’s mask and bow tie are on the ground. He leaves Pizza Plex with Fazbear’s head in the bag and Vanessa leaves the place behind him.

This epilogue scene shows Gregory, Fazbear’s head, and Vanessa sitting on what appears to be the same mountain as the canon ending. Both are eating ice cream. This is the game’s only Samsung ending .

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If you’d like to see the events of each ending, please watch the video below from the verified YouTube channel of Baby Zone . Please note that the video does not necessarily show the conditions for unlocking each ending.

With it, all endings in the security breach! Which ones have you unlocked? Which one is your favorite? Check them out and decide for yourself.


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