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Here’s your guide to quickly and easily defeat Montgomery Gator in the boss

Montgomery Gator is one of Freddy Fazbear’s animatronic sidekicks, and your playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach can be a pain in the ass. From shining the spotlight in the main atrium to yelling at you with his scruffy voice, the alligator is a problem, not one of engaging in the equivalent of a boss “battle” in a security breach.

Below, you’ll find a guide on how to beat Gator quickly while reducing your chances of hitting the game on the screen. Remember, you won’t attack him directly, so keep your distance as always.

Prologue to “Battle” with the Montgomery Crocodile

When you leave the Mazercise’s vents, first make sure to save your game on the left side of the wall. Then, turn to the launcher and hit two distant targets – they will flash when hit. Aim slightly above the target to cover the distance and height of the target.

From there, the gates will open as the rides head to the gates. Jump down and get ready for a run. When you land, there’s a cutscene where the alligator rides to the side of these rides and jumps off, taking out a ball launcher after he lands.

Turn around and run!

How to Beat a Montgomery Gator Fast

The Montgomery Alligator did his best to lift the bucket, and the pressure bent the channel.

You have a very narrow area to run and escape from Gator. Quickly escape the Gator and hit the first right, then the next left, then the next right, then left again and run until you see a launcher. Here, hit the target in the front of the area in one run , keeping an eye out for the alligator.

Your goal is to hit the target enough times to fill the bucket. While in many cases it will pour water, in the game it will pour a pile of balls as a ball pit.

Run to different launchers and hit the target once before moving on so you don’t stay in one place for too long. Some launchers have tricky angles, but launchers with better aiming points are in the middle areas where alligators usually patrol.

What makes this task even more difficult is that Gator will wander around the zones as usual, but he will also jump between zones. He can catch you off guard by doing this, so keep an eye on him.

Goodbye, Montgomery Gators!

Run to the front of the area as soon as you are notified that the mission is complete. As you approach the switch, another cutscene will appear. The crocodile will appear at the end of the path opposite you and you will automatically press the switch.

The barrel of balls that fill up when you hit the target with the launcher will dump, dumping the ball on the Gator. When it fell, he tried in vain to lift it, which eventually caused the path to collapse and collapse. The crocodile was destroyed when it hit the support pole, tearing him to pieces before he splashed to the ground.

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When you (somehow) land safely with Gator’s damaged body, your mission isn’t quite complete. Remember when you told Fazbear about the other three animatronics upgrades and how they used it to improve Fazbear after reconnecting it? Well, here’s your chance to start the process.

Look behind the crocodile. You’ll see his dismembered arm lying there. Pick them up to collect his claws. Not only have you now defeated one of your torturers, but you’ve also found a way to use their powers to improve your buddy Freddy Fazbear!

Remember to always pay attention to the location of the Montgomery Gator so you don’t end up bumping into him. While you can try to hit the target multiple times with one launcher, it will give Gator more time to find you. Hits and tactics will be the keys to easily defeating the crocodile and continuing the story.



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