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Share Here’s a walkthrough of beating Roxanne Wolf and Roxy Raceway in FNAF security breach

Here’s a walkthrough of beating Roxanne Wolf and Roxy Raceway in FNAF security breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach gives you a unique opportunity to “fight” and defeat each of Freddy Fazbear’s band members: Gamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf.

The road to defeating wolves is a long and winding road. But don’t worry, as this guide will give you everything you need to know to complete the Roxy Raceway mission and ultimately “beat” the Wolf.

NOTE: You can only let Roxy Raceway get the Montgomery Crocodile’s claws after . This allows Fazbear to break any chained door that just happens to be blocking your way to the track. Just call Fazbear with L1 next to the gate and he will break the lock.

How to Get to Roxy Raceway

After receiving Fazbear’s quest, head to the second floor of the arcade game area, then head to the far end that is under construction. Enter the door under the Sodaroni sign. You’ll know you’ve hit the right spot when there’s a makeshift red barrier on one side and a metal grill on the other.

Cross, go right, pass the security robot. You’ll notice that after Fazbear is kidnapped by Moondrop and before entering rest mode, you have to jump over the same area to get there. Walk past the crate that Gregory jumped before, then take a left at a fork to the entrance of Roxy Raceway as pictured.

Once inside, keep an eye out for gift boxes and duffel bags. When you reach the end of this path before entering the track, you will see one of these on the left.

Loot locations in Roxy Raceway

Once inside the track, go downstairs – but beware of wolves roaming the area. She will probably go upstairs first, so it might be wise to hide after she passes you and move on.

It might be a good idea to type Fazbear here (call him to your location with L1). Downstairs, in the first garage on your left is a gift box – the dance pass necessary for the upcoming part of the quest. The second garage also has a charging station patrolled by security robots, which is an easy place to recharge the Fazbear. Remember this place when you come back.

Next, head to the service area on the top right corner of the ground floor. Go inside and watch out for the lone robot patrolling the entire building. Go counterclockwise (right as you enter) to find a duffel bag with information. Continue going counter-clockwise, and when you reach the next room, there is a cleverly hidden gift box on the lower shelf on the left. You may need to let the bot pass you before trying to get the box.

There are also two duffel bags, but they are close to the required quest items, so are detailed below.

How to advance quests in Roxy Raceway

Driver assistance robot (completely fixed).

Exit and return to the main path, turn right at the intersection. Turn right into the building area and find a visible go-kart with a save point in the back against the wall. Remember, save often!

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Interact with the kart after saving and Fazbear will notify you that you are too young to ride the kart alone and need a robot to help you. However, the robot’s head is missing! Fazbear will instruct you to find the head to put on the robot.

So, go all the way to the other side of the bottom floor of the track. In a small corner next to the visible duffle bag, you’ll find a crate labeled “Driver Assist” that you can interact with. A robot will jump out with its head on the ground. You must fix the head now!

Before you leave, go around the crate and to the right to find a red door and a path to the dark rear area. Turn on your flashlight and go straight in to find a bag. Once the messages are collected, you can exit Roxy Raceway.

Go to Fazcade and find the loot

To get to Fazcade, you need to reach the third floor of the game area. When you leave the construction area, take the escalator to the third floor closest to you for a dash to the Fazcade elevator. Go in and tap the button to tap the video game area. Fazbear informs you that he can’t be in Fazcade, but does tell you to say hi to the DJ…

Save your game and go to the top level. Glamrock Chica will be patrolling upstairs, so be careful. Go to the far end of the top floor, past all the different colored playrooms, and enter the red security door. Before you enter the security office on the left, go around the corner and go all the way to the back to find a collectible, a message in a duffle bag.

Go to the office and save your game. Temporarily stop working on the machine, as the power went out anyway, preventing you from using the machine. Fazbear tells you that you have to restart the arcade, first by the DJ hitting the switch.

Grab your duffel bag and another security badge upgrade before leaving the room. Now that the power is out, grabbing this badge to level up won’t trigger anything! The DJ area is downstairs on the far left – or on the right after entering Fazcade from the elevator.

Switch Position and Exit Fazcade

Run! Before you flip the switch, you’ll notice a huge (unpowered) DJ. Press the switch on the side of the DJ booth. Now, you have to flip three switches around the Fazcade. The first and closest one is in the restroom, just to the right of the DJ booth. Inside, go into the small cleaning closet and press the switch on the right wall.

Afterwards, you’ll see the DJ stretch his long arms through one of the doors, occasionally peering in, giving you a creepy sight. Head out the other door and head to the Fazcade.

The second switch is located on the back of the first floor, on the wall in the elevated area. It’s fairly obvious that the camera is looking directly at the switch, so use that to help guide you.

The third switch is a little trickier because it’s in a tighter area. Go to the top floor and instead of going right to the security office, go left and go through the small gathering area to the other side on the third floor. Almost at the end of the trail, you’ll find the switch tightly sandwiched between the two machines, right next to the hideout (food cart).

You may have noticed a large thing crawling along the wall and into the large hole. Well, this is the DJ! It’s a rather disturbing sight, and who knew DJs would dig their own holes?

After hitting all three switches, head back to the safe area, bypass the office, and reach the far end where you collect your messages. Press the switch on the wall and watch a short cutscene as the DJ’s face appears in the tunnel above the wall. Turn and sprint. Even after your meter runs out, it should be refilled in time for you to head to the office. Just don’t get caught by objects on the road!

After power is restored, repair the head by interacting with the machine, then save your game. Your work in Fazcade is now complete. Use the elevator, go down the escalator one level, and return to Roxy Raceway.

Complete Roxy Raceway and “beat” Roxanne Wolf

Facing karts? Ouch!

Once inside, charge the Fazbear if needed and head straight to the kart (save before interacting). Install the head and watch the fun cutscenes. Don’t worry about controlling the kart because it’s done automatically.

Collect Wolf’s Eyes as the final upgrade for Fazbear as you regain control. Make sure to save . Press the button in front of the door just for another mini cutscene: the Wolf is still working! Although blind, she runs towards you, through the wooden door, and around the corner. She can still hear and smell you, and the latter may have exposed your hiding place a few times! How do animatronic wolves have a sense of smell?

What you need to do in this underground area is to let the wolf run on you until the wooden door is destroyed. After entering the first destroyed door by crouching, you can find a spot on the left. From there, go to the end of the hallway and lure her with the path – destroying the wooden door in the process – then dash back and go through the hole, then through the door to the next area.

She might not be able to see it, but that doesn’t stop her!

The door is a bit complicated because it’s in a tight area, and once Wolf starts her own door, you don’t have much room to sprint. However, do your best to get her through the wooden door into the hell room.

Here, your path is defined and blocked by the heat; a serpentine pattern really. Wolves can go straight through the heat, so be careful! Your goal is to enter the grinding tunnel at the back of the room. Once there, move on and find yourself back on the track.

Go directly across from your location, go through a red door, and enter a small office with a gift box and a duffel bag. As you walk towards the main area, there is another duffel bag (light blue) in a small corner to your right. With that, you’re done with Raceway and Roxanne Wolf! Head to the stage, then into Parts and Service.


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