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Five Nights At Freddy’s – Sixty-fourth minute

Have you ever wondered what happens at night , in shopping malls or restaurants? In those places where during the day they are very crowded but, when darkness falls, silence and desolation are the masters ?! Don’t worry because  Five Nights at Freddy’s explains what happens during these dark nights …

FNaF is a point & click survival horror game with a nod to role-playing games … designed, developed and published by Scott Cawthon (American independent developer) for Microsoft Windows , OS and Android in 2014! The game was so praised by critics that it became a real series… 6 other titles and 3 spin-offs followed ! The story centers on a fictional restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza ; here the player must guarantee the safety of the club at any cost.

In the first three games we will be hired as a night security guard and we will use every tool we can to survive … the control of security cameras will help us to monitor the Animatronics – mechanical puppets, inside the restaurant, which, at a certain time, go crazy with serious murderous instincts ! In the following episodes the game mechanics change but the plot is almost identical: survive serial-killers puppets!

The idea of ​​Five Nights at Freddy’s stems from the negative experience that Scott Cawthon received with his previous game Chipper & Sons Lumber Co .; bad reviews and negative comments prompted the writer to be inspired by something scarier! They were born like this:

In all the restaurants, in the main series, these life-size Animatronics are used that perform for children’s parties … at night, however , they wander in search of some victims to slaughter ! The player must remain stationary in his office station, monitoring the cameras ,  checking the doors to provide a barrier against any threats and / or turn on the lights to make the killer puppets retreat! Attention, excessive use of electricity compromises our limited supplies; if they are exhausted the doors will open permanently, allowing any Animatronic to break into the office. If the killer puppet is too close we can wear a mask that will confuse the attacker and will buy us some time to handle the dangerous situation! The goal is to survive from midnight to 6am .

Scott’s titles introduce the Jumpscares which occur when a puppet manages to reach and attack us. Most jumpscares involve an Animatronic character suddenly appearing in the player’s view, followed by a loud, distorted sound . You practically jump out of your chair! XD

The serial-killers are Freddy Fazbear , Bonnie the conoglio, Chica the hen, Foxy the pirate fox and Golden Freddy … in the following episodes the appearance of the puppets will change due to the continuous mistreatment suffered by children, in the daytime parties – a bit macabre no?! Oo

Even the soundtrack provides additional anxiety … the music creates an atmosphere of anguish and terror! The player’s concentration is skyrocketed; a moment of distraction is enough for you to jump from your chair in fear !

The success of the series led Scott Cawthon to write six novels dedicated to the dark events in the restaurants of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza !

The games were praised by critics commenting that the experience offered was incredibly terrifying and how intelligence, in simple design , can make a complex gameplay.

The series is so popular with fans that, in April 2015, they swapped random numbers of the source code , entered by Cawthon, into coordinates on Google Maps , discovering a pizzeria in Virginia. Many called this pizzeria not to order pizzas but to ask if there was any connection with the upcoming release of FNaF 4. Later the developer stated that there was no connection by asking fans to refrain from calling numbers associated with pizzerias. ! Absurd XD

Merchandising has also taken its share of the market… plush toys, action figures, posters, clothing, key chains and even stationery!

Kudos to Scott Cawthon for creating this media franchise himself !

The next 64th minute episode will bring a great classic released for NINTENDO 64 … Banjo-Kazooie ! Who among you has surely played it?


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