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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: How to Find the Hoodie

Hoodies can prove very beneficial, but are in an optional location. Here’s how to find a hoodie.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Test your ability to operate undercover around the mall where Gregory is trapped, while avoiding the prying eyes of security robots and Freddy Fazbear’s animatronic friends. Even worse, if you sprint, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf will hear you – Wolf can even sniff out your hiding place!

There’s an optional item to help you sneak around the mall a little easier: a hoodie . Read below to learn how to get a hoodie and ease your anxiety.

Features of a hoodie

Hoodie has two features that you will find useful. First, it makes it harder spot when walking around the mall. This will be very valuable, especially in those areas where the patrolling routes of the security bots overlap, and give you a tight area and time to operate.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, the hoodie lets you sprint without triggering the bot! The size of the mall and the distance between mission checkpoints make sprinting without fear of being noticed as valuable as having Fazbear on call to help you.

Find your way to a hoodie

Go to the “Let’s Eat!!” bakery on the second floor.

It’s important to note that you can only get the Hoodie after the Fazbear is repaired in Parts and Service . This will be around 4AM in-game. You also need to have a Level 5 Security Badge upgrade to continue.

Once you’ve leveled up the badge and fixed the Fazbear (this is after Vanessa caught you in the story), head to the second floor of the game and food area – if you’ve played holographic projection, this area is the holographic projection.

Enter the entrance to Monty’s Gator Golf and walk through the long hallway. You will meet Let’s Eat! ! ! bakery. It is recommended that you call Fazbear (L1) and hide in his body (make sure he is fully charged). There are a lot of bots that will trigger Chica if they spot you. Since it’s such a cramped and enclosed space, that’s pretty much guaranteed to be game over.

Use the Fazbear to continue through the bakery. The first time you enter the bakery should receive a trophy (“No Room for Dessert”). At the back of the bakery you’ll find a level 5 security gate . Continue and exit Fazebear for a gift box on top of a toilet .

Not only will you unlock the hoodie and make your ride safer, but you’ll also pop a trophy! Once you’ve upgraded your security badge to level 5 and fixed your Fazbear, grab the hoodie!


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