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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach – All Locations Compact

Where can I find all the retro CDs from Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach?

Coordinates of all music CDs in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach ⇓

Key Points + Key Actions:

Atrium – where retro discs are in the FNAF hack

You can find vintage discs inside the atrium. Once there, walk to the center of the main floor of the atrium, just above the nose of Freddy’s floor profile.

Atrium (Rockstar Row Entrance)

As in the previous location, head to Atrium and continue to Rockstar Row. Once here, you’ll encounter a stage where you’ll see cartoon versions of Bonnie and Freddie in the background. Now you can see the retro version below the mic at the bottom of the stage.

Rockstar Row Entrance

Go to the Helpy Gap at the entrance to Rockstar Row. You’ll find this vintage compartment in the arm cutout.

Rockstar Row – Location of Retro Discs in FNAF hack

You’ll find this retro FNAF record in the mouth of the cardboard monster Kraken. You can find this monster near Rockstar Row’s ship.

baby bay

Find this retro disc in the half-open treasure chest in Children’s Cove.


Go to the soda machine at Mazercise and you’ll find a CD in Freddie’s mouth.

Fazer Blast

Go to the trophy case inside Fazer Blast Arena to find this CD.

Roxy Circuits – where retro discs are in the FNAF hack

Head to the Roxy track at FNAF Security Breach and take a look inside the car. One of the cars will have a CD on the seat.

western arcade

Go to the second karaoke room on the West Arcade. Find vintage CDs on the microphone.

Roxy Raceway Room

He went on to organize a shoot at Roxy Raceway. You’ll find a retro disc on the Roxy plush in the background.

Bonnie Bowl.

Once you reach the Bonnie Bowl, you’ll be greeted with the curtains being drawn. You’ll also find a “closed” sign here. On the edge of this poster you’ll find a vintage CD.

Mini Golf Monty

Head to Monty’s mini golf course and head to the golf hole above the balcony. Here you can find the FNAF Security Breach Retro CD.

Kiki’s Bakery

First, drop into Chicky’s Bakery for five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. Go to Big Gold Cupcake to get the CD.

Repair Tunnel – Location of retrocompact unit in FNAF security breach

When you’re inside Freddy, you have to repair the tunnel at the start of the game. You’ll see an abstract painting of Freddy on the sofa. Here you will find a CD.

Technology Tunnel (Restricted Area)

To get this CD, go to where Vanessa first interacted with Freddy in the maintenance tunnel. There is a fenced area next to the infirmary. Freddy needs Monty’s paw to open this door, after which you have to go upstairs to get the CD. The CD will be in the Chamber of Secrets with plush Foxy


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