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Five Nights at Freddy’s: How Many Endings Does the Security Breach Have?

If you’re a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan, you know that every game in the series has a different ending or hidden secret, and Security Breach is no exception. This time, the game will show you the ending based on some of your in-game choices. Here’s how many endings there are in Security Breach.

There are six endings in the game, with rewards based on your exit route choices, whether you are in certain areas, or clear certain secondary objectives. Here are all the endings:

Bad Ending:

 Unlocked by exiting from the main entrance. In this ending, Gregory escapes and lives from a cardboard box. While sleeping, Vanny followed him, standing ominously beside him.

Happy ending: 

Unlocked by leaving the exit near the kitchen. Security level 7 is required. In this ending, Gregory and Freddy escape the Pizzaplex via a stolen delivery van. As Freddy’s battery slowly drains, Gregory uses the car battery to charge Freddy before continuing his escape.

True Ending: 

Go down the old elevator to unlock. Here you will encounter additional bosses in Springtrap. You have to burn Springtrap multiple times while avoiding Chica and Roxy. In this ending, Springtrap is captured by Molten Freddy, the antagonist version of Freddy. Gregory and Freddie escape and live happily ever after.

Ruined Ending: 

Unlocked by discovering Vanny’s lair above the laser tag arena. Try escaping through the front door, Freddy will give you an option. Choose Vanny to get this ending. In it, Freddy tries to protect Gregory, but Fanny pushes a button and orders the STAFF droid to “remove Freddy”. Gregory was able to slide the button and order the robot to dismantle Vanny, but was unable to save Freddy.

Heroic Ending:

 Unlocked by completing Princess Missions 1 and 2, discovering Vanny’s lair, and selecting the Vanny option. Once inside Vanny’s Lair, find and complete Princess Quest 3. In this ending, Freddy, Gregory, and Vanessa all escape and retreat to the sunset vista to eat ice cream together.

Untitled Ending:

 It’s not known how to unlock this ending, but in it, Freddy and Gregory set the pizzeria on fire before escaping from the roof. Freddy spotted Vanny and attacked her, scooping her off the side of the building. Gregory stepped down and unmasked Vanny, who was already dead. Vanny is revealed as Vanessa, while Gregory watches in bewilderment.


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