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Five Nights at Freddy’s Abilities Analysis of Freddy’s Abilities

There are many dolls in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game, and these dolls also have different abilities and characteristics. The following is an analysis of Freddy’s ability in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Let’s take a look. .

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toy Freddy toyFreddy

The new toy of “Mengmeng” (I will explain why I wear quotation marks later). Always the last of the new trio. Although it seems that the virtues of silly chickens and big-eyed rabbits are the same, or even weaker, because they were basically not killed by him at the beginning. But like Freddy in the previous game, he’s actually a steady, step-by-step attack like Toy Bonnie. A friend reminded me before that I underestimated myself. On the seventh night, he is said to have the same fighting method as the old toy

Freddy is usually hard to spot on surveillance, 

but that doesn’t matter, because even if he’s in the hallway, you still have N chances to wind up (by the way, the fox and chicken will be forcibly driven away). After he reaches the corridor, he will move forward after about 10 minutes (in-game time), and Freddy will look a little ugly at this time (at this time, he will forcefully send old Bonnie and Can Fox away).

 Finally, he will enter your room and deal with it in the same way as the old toy, and his appearance is simply unsightly. . . . After sending off, he has to start the attack again from the corridor to the main entrance to the interior.

Speed ​​:D (When the goods arrive indoors, the daylily will be cold)

threat: DB

Diligence: C (a slacker)

Comprehensive: C

The above is the whole content of Freddy’s ability analysis in Five Nights at Freddy’s, which I brought to you. I hope it can bring some help to players. For more exciting information, please pay attention to Xiaopi Mobile Games Network .


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