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Five Nights at Freddy’s – coordinates of all daycare generators

Where are all five nights at Freddy’s daycare generator?

The location of the generator in five nights at freddy nursery

Find some tips and tricks for all generators in Five Nights at Freddy’s

key points + key actions

Edge structure (right side when sitting on table)

2 Ground:

1 – Enter next to the slide facing the table and follow the cable.

There is a colored panel on the side (red burst, if I remember correctly).

Recommended Entrance: Walk from the table to the slide, go a little to the right and find the entrance on the ground (don’t enter through the pipe, it’s the wrong way). Ground along the cable.

Recommended Exit: If it is safe, exit the way you entered, otherwise it will lead to the rest of the play area and the exit one level above.

2 – Facing the entrance on the farthest floor on the side of the front table, you can follow the floor. This could be a dead end.

Recommended program. first or last.

2 at the top:

1 – Go up the slide, it’s right next to the pink tile with the arch.

Recommended procedure: Crazy up the slide, turn to the table and the tiles should be there. Walk to the tile, turn left and it should be there.

Recommended departure time: I recommend moving to the next generator immediately afterwards.

2 – There is a small hole near the tile with the pink ribbon, go through it and follow the cable down the slide and the generator will be there, in a dead end.

Recommended Entrance : This is a dead end, so I recommend saving it for last. Go to the previous generator and get close to the tile.

Leave the tile and walk a little to the back of the room, until you look away from the table to find your way to the right.

The trail descends slightly so it’s not as steep as the other slopes in the area. Go down and down the slide and the generator is on your left.

Recommended output : put the exit first or last. It’s a dead end, so if they chase you, you’re probably dead.

Small building/tower (left side of table)

1 in the small tower, at the top

Recommended entry point: the slide in front of the safety platform.

Recommended starting points: If you know where the Munrope is, you can use the slide, if it’s on the slide but you don’t know which one, you can use the open structure.

Recommended route

Perform a series of actions:

Leave the top pad on most of the play area as it is the safest and the attack will stop as soon as the last generator is on.

This leaves you with three generators to complete beforehand.

A small tower is both safe and dangerous as I recommend going up the slide. This generator has three entry points, but I only recommend slides, so I’ll do this generator first, but probably the second, as the dead end needs to be done.

Make the genes of the furthest floor first or second because – if I remember correctly – it’s a dead end.

The third will retain the central phylum gene. Although they will chase you, it is not a dead end and there are several exit points. If you’re lucky, you can even get your way to the general on the top floor.

Finally, you can jump to the general upstairs.


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