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Five Nights at Freddy – how many endings the security breach has

A detailed summary of all five nights of Freddy’s offending endings, principles and fundamentals

How many endings did Five Nights at Freddy have?

key point:

In Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF), it’s called a security breach with 6 different endings.

There are several bad endings in it, even ones that reveal the man behind Vanny’s mask.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) clarifies all safe endings

Five Nights at Freddy’s Ending

FNaF Worst Ending « Security Breach

In this ending, Gregory manages to survive until 6 am and escape the Pizzaplex. Eventually, he reaches the alley, too tired and sleepy to keep going to survive due to the events of the previous night. In the end, he fell asleep in a cardboard box with newspapers to protect himself from the cold. As he falls asleep, we see Vanni’s shadow, Gregory, approaching. Newspapers show the number of missing children. This shows that Vanni will treat Gregory like any other child.

Good ending for V1.

Without going into too many details, we can say that the main antagonist of the game is Springtrap, and Funtime Freddy is controlled by the victim’s soul and kills Springtrap. Freddy and Gregory managed to escape the Pizzaplex.

Good ending for V2.

While escaping the van, Freddie passed out due to a dead battery. But Gregory managed to revive Freddy using the van’s battery. They ended up in a quiet place and looked at the sun. This tells them they are safe and remain friends until the end.

The end of the superstar

This ending is triggered if you complete the “Fazer Blast” mini-game and reach the exit door through the ventilation shaft on the left side of the table at 6am. Also, you must select the option “Vanny” instead of “Quit”. This will show Glamrock Freddy trying to protect Gregory from the STAFF bots. But Vanny will use the command tablet to instruct the robot to dismantle Freddy.

Then, after the final survival game, Gregory grabbed the command tablet and ordered the droids to dismantle Vanni and the Masked Man. Gregory then addresses a dying Freddy, who says to Gregory, “You…my superstar…”.

last goodbye

Gregory and Freddy prepare to burn everything around them with oil. When they were both inside the Pizzaplex, Freddy started making a fire because looking at his stuffed animals caused emotional pain. Gregory ran to the ceiling and Varney caught him. Freddie got there and managed to distract Varney, freeing Gregory, and finally knocking Varney to the ground. The dying Freddy said to Gregory, “Goodbye Gregory.” When it was discovered that Vanessa had been hiding behind her, Gregory took off Varney’s mask.

The end of the princess quest (Best ending for hackers)

If you manage to complete all three Princess Quest arcade games, you will successfully rescue Venessa from her alter ego, Vanni. This will also cause the STAF robot to be deactivated. You’ll also find Vanni’s mask on the ground, which shows that Venessa is free. Gregory leaves Pizzaplex and Freddy’s head is fixed. Freddie said to Gregory, “Come on, superstars!” and Venessa opened the door for them from a distance. The end credits show a fully restored Freddy, Gregory, and Venesa watching the sunset together.


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