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Clown Nights

Introduction to Clown Nights

Clown Nights is a well-known horror game. You are the newly assigned guardians in charge of the late shift in this adventure. Your job is to ensure that none of it goes wrong in the freakshow moment in time psychological thriller. Nevertheless, you will quickly discover that a psychological clown is at work!

Clown Nights objective is to make it through 7 nights till 6 a.m. without being captured by clowns. All that is required to play this game is a computer. By clicking on the monitor, you may also scroll through to the guard room. You are unable to exit the room since this is the sole safe position in this area. Press the light button to turn on the light, and the open lever to secure the door. However, proceed with caution.


Clown Nights provides you with seven nights to survive for your own life. The game was built by the creator with incredibly gorgeous and enticing 2D visuals. Smooth visual motions and excellent audio. Clown Nights is available for free on all sites and online applications that may be downloaded to your device.

How To Play

The activities in the Clown Nights game will be predetermined from the start; the only thing that players must do is utilize the computer keyboard’s navigation buttons to operate their avatars. Add special keys; when paired with the fundamental keys, each key produces effects and techniques for the characters. This will help simplify the process of unlocking tasks in the game. If you are unfamiliar with it at first, you will quickly learn the procedures and have complete control over it.


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